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Counting days can make us patient or impatient, Micky.
I ticked off 365 G free days in 2010. I actually started ticking in late November 2009 and ticked until mid January 2011 Then like a clock that stops, the ticking ended.
I tend to count in advance for a lot of thinks. For example I count my monthly loan repayments in advance, mentally subtracting each month’s deposit, then I look back and see what I have paid and it gives a great sense of achievement. Of course, I say “look at all I would have now ,if I had been saying instead of repaying”, but it doesn’t work like that. No shuddas or cuddas. Just do what we have to do now. Counting days has pros and cons. We can hold our breath and explode when we reach our target, or we can use the tactic to measure our progress.