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Well I’ve made it to almost a month and I’m going strong… life is pretty hectic and different with the virus situation as my family is away up in the woods at a ski house hiding out to stay safe and I am home alone still working as I am considered “essential” on top of that I still pushing through and working on some side jobs to keep my income up to repay my gambling debts. At my regular job I’ve taken a pay cut down to about 60% of my average pay as I usually work a decent amount of overtime and that has evaporated, it’s causing some stress but I’ll be ok. It has definitely put a dent in my ability to pay things off as quickly as I’d hoped but I’m just focusing on all the positives from not gambling and hanging on to the fact that in a month I should have far less financial stress.
The large majority of my gambling was sports betting and as most sports have been canceled it’s hard to gauge how I am doing with resisting urges etc… I did used to play lottery numbers and scratch offs a pretty decent amount too on a daily basis at times or weekly basis and I haven’t done that at all so it’s not like there’s no gambling options for me to avoid.
My family isn’t sold on it and I can’t blame them after years and years of not doing anything about it it’s going to take time to show them that I am serious about this and doing it.
Look forward to being able to say it’s been a month and even more so to seeing how much life has improved in six months! Haha hell maybe I’ll have even managed to save that deposit for a House I’ve wanted yet pissed away 10 times over!
Onwards and upwards team let’s go!