I was part of the same cycle you described, I was in so much debt, I would stay up until midnight and as soon as my paycheck direct deposit hit,I was buying bitcoin online. by the time the sun came up, my extra money, and usually my entire paycheck was gone. The bills I had scheduled bounced, and I was getting calls from the lenders for the next 2 weeks.

The thing that got me through it was:
1) I got a 2nd job so I didnt *need* to gamble to pay my bills.
2) I created a spreadsheet that accounted for ALL my money. The extra money, went towards paying off loans.
3) I cancelled my debit card, and all the accounts I was using to buy bitcoin were disabled or I was banned (from chargebacks).

Once it was literally impossible for me to buy bitcoin, it got easier. Once I saw the financial plan, it got even easier. As I executed my plan and saw progress, it continued to get easier.

It’s been almost 6 months since my last bet. I am still about 90k in debt, but I’ve paid about 50k since I quit gambling.

Trust me, it will get easier. There is NOTHING good that will come from gambling. EVER.