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What a lovely post! I actually felt really proud of myself after reading your message.

I know I can’t talk to him about his dad but its hard when he just disappears from the house and his little boy is looking for him “have you seen my dad…i hope he didn’t go to the bookies”. Thats hard.

I don’t think for a second he will want to listen to why i am going. He knows why really. I think he just thinks I’m happy to carry on this way. In a half assed relationship that only works one way. When i first met him he wanted to btter himself, he wanted to impress me. And he tried so hard. But it could never be sustainable without support and at that time i was uneducated and naive. Its hard to look back at the downfall but some of that is down to me. I made it easy for him to stop trying.

I hope this does shake him up a bit. He is a great guy. I don’t want for him to lose that and become an empty vessel like his family members. I want good things for him. I just can’t give them to him. He has to fight for them.