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Professional gambler. That’s what he calls himself now, because he’s set up a Facebook site to give tips to other people on football bets. He does this from the second he wakes up until he goes to bed, even when he’s at work. He has no money, yet has started doing bet challenges. £25 to £1000 and see how long it takes him and his followers to get there. He did this 3 times in 2 days, despite it being pretend , he had won. Therefore he must now try this when he gets paid.
He is ‘in control’ , when we move out he’ll simply stop gambling as we’ll have bills to pay apparently. So this is why he won’t go to GA. just one more big win he says, and then I can stop.
Today, we fell out over brown sauce. I put the sauce in with his burgers, and he actually wanted it just on the plate. Then I get called a failure and accused of doing it on purpose just to wind him up.
Today has been hard, it mAdeme think about my ex which I hate as it brings me down so much ( we were ‘high school’ sweethearts but he lost his battle to cancer 3 years ago) and I just think how my life never used to be so sad. I am young, I’m 20, I should be able to be happy. But I want it with him, because for the first year, we were so happy. And then he started gambling.