Dear all,
Our family is doing well, thanks again for thinking of us 🙂
We are searching for a ‘balance’ still, and sometimes it seems as though my husband cannot find his ‘role’ in our home. It is as though he is searching for a purpose in his life.

To me my purpose is clear, now more than ever: I am a mom of two small children and taking care of them is my number one priority. I can tell he also wants to put them in the 1st place, but cannot always as he will be too ‘tired’ to change a diaper, or he has to run off to a GA meeting right at dinner time (without prior notification).

I am quite certain he is still gamble free but I also wish for him to get up in the morning with goals and a feeling of meaning. I DO see in him a great father and head of our household, hope he would for once see it himself too.

Hope this makes sense…