I see the last post and feel like I am in the same boat – does a little lead to a lot?? I agree with Velvet it is not the size of the bet, it is the action of betting/gaming. BUT, my question is where does this stop? My CG was playing the card game Hearts online. He seemed to me that he was doing something he shouldn’t by his guilty actions. He told me he’d take it off his phone which he never did and i caught him playing it again last night…But he said it wasn’t gambling so that it means it’s ok???- so does that mean he shouldn’t play any card games?? He said “what about bridge?” What about playing the card game “war” with our 7 year old?? He was trying to make me feel bad for what he was doing – put me on the spot when he clearly felt guilty for what he was doing… He then explained to me it was like “an empty bottle to an alcoholic” that he was keeping it around as something he could hold on to – now this sounds like addictive behavior – but where does it stop? No card games at all??
I ask all this bc I relate to your CG only 2 scratchers – it starts from there – but will it do the same thing with a game of Hearts?? I feel like I am going mad.
I am not sure if this helps but wanted to know I hear you and understand – they have to want to get help, don’t they???