Why Why did this happen to me
What did this addiction mean to me
What was my understanding of the addiction to gamble
what is my understanding of it now
What was the impact of it upon me
what was the impact on of it upon my children
what is the impact upon me now
what is the impact upon my children now
what is the impact of compulsive gambling upon the relaitionship between myself and my children
Did I think about the impact that gambling had on my relaitionship with my children
Did I think about how my children precieved that to be
Did I care at the time
Did I want my partner to seek a recovery
Did that scare me
Did I fear losing control
Was I ever in control
Did I want to be
Did he carry on telling fibs
Did I believe him
Did I want to
Do I want to
If I do Why do I want to
Should I
Am I being lied to again
How will I know if I am
How will i know if i’m not
So what if I am
So what if i’m not
What difference will it make
Am I a victim
Am I a survivor
Am I somewhere in between
What am I
Is it possible to love and do things to another as though we hate them
Is it possible to love someone that does such horrible things to me
How many times do I need to be bitten before i learn a lesson
have i learned the lesson
what is the lesson
Am I sorry I learned it
or just sorry i learned it this way
Is recovery enough
who’s recovery mine or his
his or mine
what is a recovery
how does it feel
to him
to me
can recoveries meet in the middle
What is trust
Is it irepairable
What damaged it
What can restore it

There are just so many questions

Jenny xx