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Good to meet you in the group earlier, Tommik.
Well done on seeking help.
You lost a LOT of money. It is a shock and when we are in shock we say “never again”
I agree 100% with Kolberg
DO not get a loan.
Gamblers look for a quick fix when we lose.
First thought after a sudden loss is “I have to get my money back.
I know, because I have been doing this for 20 years.
The first time I lost 2k, I nearly got a heart attack.
I was frantic so the bright idea of a loan seemed like the solution.
A friend told me if you keep gambling you will lose 20k.
I laughed.
Swore to God I would never gamble again if the loan was granted.
Got the loan.
Lost it.
Fast forward 20 years. Add a few zeros to the first loss plus huge debt.
All from getting a quick fix to cover my tracks.
So my advice is to start saving very slowly. Give the savings to a reliable person. Ban yourself from the casinos and gambling sites and slowly rebuild your savings.
Compulsive gamblers cannot handle money.
We will always return to the scene of the crime.
Gambling is an insidious, progressive disease and although the problem only comes to the fore when we lose, it is not about money at all.
Keep posting. Sit tight. There is little chance of getting work in another country with this “pandemic”. Jobs are scarce. My belief is that we are facing a huge global recession so forget about gambling and get all the help and support that you can avail of. No matter how far you travel or how many new jobs you get the addiction will always follow you.
I wish you well in your future life.