Don’t really know why I decided to pop in today after so long. Life has been very good to me without gambling addiction in my life, even if I still do get the odd random abusive texts possibly down to twice a year now !!

I can say it was a tough ride and up to a point I still carry a sadness about it all but it is rare now that I look back only to reinforce my learning to use in other situations. Last time I spoke to my ex he had apparently controlled his gambling to an acceptable level (oh really !!) the sadness said otherwise.

I finally achieved my dream and spent the whole of November in East Africa which was amazing with the highlight being visiting the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda which was a deeply moving and emotional experience for me, they were so fantastic. This would not have been achievable a few years ago.

Boys now 24,20 and 18 continue to do well all working and one at Uni. Gambling has left it’s marks on them to and periodically is thrown in my face. It’s only when I look back now that the amount of time devoted to it and not them shocks me, but we can’t go back.

I now have another addition to the family a very time consuming doberman puppy, now 8mths who is not only gorgeous but quite demanding !! all good fun. All in all life is good.

I’m sorry to read that people are going through the mill but not surprised, where there is addiction there is pain and suffering. At least everyone here is in the right place and I can only wish you all well on your journeys however they may end, it’s a fantastic site and service.

Jenny x