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Hey Carter, 

I can definitely understand everything that you wrote… I once before on a $15 bet on a new online casino website pretty shortly after signing up won $3000…. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy that day, a few days later… I lost that. I don’t want to ***** over the years how much I’ve lost, it makes me angry too. The reality is, gambling has already messed up our brains. Yeah we have psychological issues, but phsyiological ones too…I know we both can overcome this. Funny thing about your name, we have a store for kids called Carters, and I really like the name Carter… I asked my sister to name her son Carter but it never happened lol… she is having another baby next month so if it’s a boy maybe she might lol

I’m going to download the app for myself as well… that’s nice to have a surprise $1000 come from your friend…do you think you will be able to get your car back?

I’m looking for the possibility of maybe having someone to connect with, even just by text about this… kinda like a buddy partner…it sounds like you’re just starting out like myself as well… if you’re at all interested, let me know.

Good luck, mate!