Hi Linda
Not sure to say its good to hear from you or not !!! It is, but I guess it would be better in nicer circumstances if you know what I am trying to say. Perhaps as you say now is not the right time to plan too far ahead whilst confusion is back and emotions are running amock.
Another answer to the question is – that you have not set a date yet . For the short term Linda remember the importance of looking after you. Hopefully he may realise the importance of getting some proper support in order to manage to sustain a recovery.
I am learning more and more Linda that the best chance of a good relaitionship starts with both people having a longer time in recovery before making big commitments and the importance of support through these processes, the bit I struggle with is applying that to myself!!! when affairs of the heart start to take over my knowledge seems to go a bit out of the window !!! but that knowledge is there Linda and at ***** like this take a momment to reflect on all you have learned and allow it to carry you through a difficult and disheartening time xx