Hi Linda, I also have been wondering how you were doing. Don’t want to burst your bubble about the engagement but as long as your cg gambles this will happen over and over again. Your cg hasn’t had the proper support/treatment for his gambling addiction. Cg live in a vicious cycle with their gambling. They stop when something bad happens to them and they promise to whomever has been enabling them they will stop gambling, but their promises are short lived and they gamble agin thinking they can control it. If I were you I would go back and read all your past posts. How long have you been struggling with your cg’s gambling. See the pattern reliving again and again. Your cg has had more slips than you care to remember. It is important to learn from the past because if we don’t how do we expect any changes in our life. Live is blind. We overlook what is important to us. We give excuses when we shouldn’t. Again you only can make your own decision knowing that it will effect our lives. Don’t marry him. You would be setting yourself for more pain and disappointment. If you do just know you are marrying his gambling too.
All the best, Twilight