Linda I too echo what velvet said and I am a cg myself. I dont want to add to your worries and anguish but one thing that jumped out of your post at me was him showing you his online statements, one of my bank accs, (cant say which one for obvious reasons), still shows an available balance for up to 5 days after debit card transactions. ie if i had 300 in the bank and spent 200 online this paticular bank would show a/c bal 300 available 300. Other bank accounts would say bal 300 available 100, just be wary aswell I’m not scare mongering but it is possible to gamble online by purchasing vouchers from shops for cash. I dont know if you are aware of this.
The showing of online accounts I’m afraid is an elaborate hoax I know a few cg’s have pulled. Dry gambling is also something a lot of us have endulged in for long periods, then when the cash comes the "real" gambling can and usually does come back with a vengance.
I dont know if he’d gambled that night, for your sake I hope he hasnt, however whether he did or not, you have support here for your recovery and I’m pleased that you are using it. He chooses not to accept or seek support and nothing you can say or do will persuade him, at least not when he is showing such obvious traits.
I dont know how it feels to see things from your side, but I know that the best thing you can do is look after yourself and try not to let this anguish about his behaviour ruin your life too. You have every right to feel pleased with yourself for seeking the support that you need. Velvet says she has yet to hear of anyone cracking this addiction without support, i echo that too in respect of cg’s and their F+F too.
I think that you are all terriffic for finding this site and getting the support that you need.
Stay strong Linda.
Please dont let what I’ve told you frighten you, use it as an extra bit of armour against any future attempts when he may try to pull the wool over your eyes. Fore warned is fore armed, I hope.
Cheers. Geordie.
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