Thanks again Geordie. I didn’t know about the vouchers but he doesn’t have his cards. I really don’t think he knows about them either!! Although he has gambled online the last time he gambled, it’s not his usual thing He prefers the casino as he likes to see it in live if you see what I mean. He has self excluded from the casinos in our town. He has never travelled to another town as it’s really 2 far!! I’m not saying he never would but in all the years hrs gambled he’s only ever done iy locally. I do check the lap top. It’s a family lap top do again he’s never used that as he wouldn’t want the kids finding out. He has used his phone before hence why I got paranoid after his night out!!
I am aware of the bank because a bit back he’d used a credit card and there was an amount pending. But I am not and will not get complacent again!!