Hi Crossroads
Gain as much knowledge as you can about the addiction to gamble and you will be able to make informed decisions because nobody can (or should) tell you what to do. Part of your recovery will be realising that ‘you’ have control of your life, that you have choices and that you are free to make decisions.
Unfortunately you cannot make your partner stop gambling – only he can do that.  If he is really wanting to control his addiction there is a terrific rehab in England, details of which you can find lower down the GT forum page under GMA residential treatment Q&A. 
You did so well writing your first post and I am really sorry I did not see it earlier because I know how difficult the first post is – but having put your worries down, please don’t be afraid to open up once more. I am really sorry to tell you that Gambling Therapy does not receive funding to cover the UK but gamcare.co.uk will support you.   Please copy, paste and re-post in gamcare.co.uk who can walk with you further than this site is allowed to do.
Your partner did not ask for, nor want, his addiction anymore than you but you are stronger than your partner because you are not controlled by an addiction. Support him by looking after yourself – your recovery is so important because the addiction to gamble which is a secretive, corrosive and divisive will take you down with it, if you allow it.
I am not rejecting you but re-directing you – I do understand only too well all that you have written and I do wish you well.