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Well…….I BLOODY WELL DID IT!!!!! I am a bit beside myself at the moment, i feel as if the weight has been lifted in terms of the temptation.
It took about an hour, i had a lovely man helping me and i am so glad its done. My girlfriend (whose house i went as soon as it was over) could not believe how calm i seemed. And I am. I KNOW i have done exactly the right thing for me. Words cant describe how proud of myself i am.  I cant wait to tell my husband when he gets home tonight from work. 
Another milestone today….my beautiful daughter is 18. Happy Birthday Bub!!!! We are going out for a family dinner tonight to celebrate.  Shes as dramatic as i am and has been having a fit for a week shes so excited.  We bought her a watch and had it engraved and she loved it.  Mind you, im buggered as we were up at 5.30am!  I also bought her an Edward Cullen action figure. Anyone whos read or seen Twilight will know what i mean. Anyway, im looking forward to dinner (i already know what im having and its only 12.00!) My mum, stepdad and sister are also coming so it will be great to see them too.  I feel this is the start of my new life, gamble free.  Thank you all for your support, it keeps my spirits up and gives me hope.  KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time