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Dear K
I am so sorry. I just don’t get over and read nearly enough and then when I do I find you crock.
Please get better soon. Back muscles seem to suddenly sort themselves out but by crikey they hurt at the time. 
I am sorry but the picture of a special seat to go over the toilet makes me smile – I know it shouldn’t but I used to have one on mine when the kids were tiny but I thought it was to stop them falling in!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I hope the job is OK but more importantly you soon are. Relax on your recliner and imagine George Clooney dropping peeled grapes into your mouth. I always imagined Michael Douglas but he lost if for me when he married Catherine Zeta Jones!
I think I must away – my husband is too quiet which means he is enjoying himself and I can’t have that. I think I will go and do a couple of cartwheels round the garden with a few back flips – oops sorry – that was insensitive mentioning how fit I am. Well you didn’t really think I need a Zimmer frame did you? I only use it for sympathy and to bop Meg out of the way when she gets stuck in the door when I’m trying to open the group.
Loads and Loads of Love
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx