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Hi All,
So i have decided to finish up my counselling by email.  Can i please, please stress to anyone who is considering it, it is truly a worthwhile experience.  I have learnt a lot and at the moment, except for the back, i am feeling extremely content. It is not at all frightening, challenging yes, but i do like being made to think, and counselling has certainly made me do that.  I have come to the conclusion that i will never have all the answers, some things just are,and i have accepted it. 
I have learnt that i do not need approval for every decision i have to make, and while i sometimes find it difficult to live without the crystal ball (its broken by the way) i have to believe that the decisions that i make are right for me and my family.  Life is never perfect, but i am happy, really happy with the way my life is headed.  This forum, Harry, and Ian(my counsellor) have all attributed to that.
As for my back, it is getting better. I went to the supermarket tonight, with my wheelie frame and Damian by my side, im sure he was soooooo embaressed but i didnt care…i needed food!!! It is my baby’s 6th birthday on Thursday, he is so excited, i need to do a few things tomorrow to get organised, thankfully Brea is coming to help me.
So even though i am still laid up, i have plenty on.  Im getting lots of rest, the boys being at school helps, as i can just snooze off and not have to worry about what they are up to.
I doubt i will be at work before next Monday, and although i would love to be there by Friday, i dont want to push it and take on too much before my back is 100%, its just not worth it.
Anyway, i hope you all have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxx
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