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I’ve always thought betrayal was an intentional act. Did he intentionally knock up this woman just to vex you? Did you feel that when you were split up from your husband you were betraying him by seeing someone else (if you did)?  What if you had been the one who got pregnant by a man other than your husband during that split up? Imagine how you would feel if he reacted as you are if the roles were reversed.
Yes, you have a right to be upset by the sudden shock of it all, but the anger is not helpful to you and may be creating a lot of unnecessary tension in your home.
Check your emotions at the door for a sec and be realistic. There’s a kid who says your husband is her father. So what if it turns out he is? Then what? Tear up the whole family with divorce because you are angry? I really don’t think you would do that. So, what’s the alternative? Crumble? I really don’t think you will do that either. Last option: Take a lesson from Brea. Take it in your stride and make the best of the situation as it unfolds. You can do it.
I hope you’re not mad at me. I am very supportive of you through this tough time. My heart goes out to you. It’s another obstacle, but life does this to us sometimes. We just gotta get through it, that’s all.
Peace, and blessings.Keep on keepin’ on…and keep the pledge.