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My husband found out yesterday that i have been procrastonating on a debt.  Its a massive debt, and i havent paid it. He is furious, beyond furious.  He wanted me to go and stay at my mothers…which i didnt! I slept in my daughters bed last night, i have been called every name under the sun.  He said i was still gambling, for once, i was telling him the truth when i said i wasnt.  He has no notion of money, and the thing is, that im damned if i pay it and im damned if i dont.  It will be paid, in installments that will take years to pay off, but in the meantime our finances take a huge dive.  Im not so concerned about that, we can live, but its when he wants something…ugh.  I have tried to get a loan to pay it, but the bank keeps saying no, bad credit…more ugh.
I have been keeping away from him, and will continue to do so until he is ready to talk about it.  I dont believe i am wholly to blame, i take my part in it, but i know he wont take his. He is not rational, or in any way realistic with money, he has no idea how much it costs to live, because he refuses to take part in the financial running of this house.
So thats where i am today, my back is sore as Breas bed is so soft, at least im working today, keeping busy and not sitting here going mad.
Not sure what is going to happen, maybe this is it for him.  I am unusually calm in all of this, i know it will be ok, whatever happens, let the cards fall where they may.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan