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Hi Kathryn,
I came on here tonight to check in and see how you were doing at work. It sounds like that part of life is good for you – I am glad you have that to look forward to each day now. I know for me sometimes going to work is an escape sometime. When your mind is busy, it doesn’t think of those troubles that are part of your everyday life.
I have been and am where you are now. We are working to pay off some huge debts. My wife knows we have them – she just doesn’t know the magnitude of the amount. I don’t like it when I have to say know when someone in the family wants something – so even now we are spending more than we have; the credit cards go up.
Even after 3 1/2 years without gambling, it’s hard sometimes to realize what has and is happening. I know things get better – but only after I come to grips with being able to share more with my wife. I am able to talk with others – I know I need to trust in her – she has stayed and is very committed to US.
Your husband has to deal with his feelings – you can only control what you can control.
Stay strong in your recovery – it’s so much better not to gamble than to plunge back into that destructive pattern!!
Your friend in recovery,