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Hi compulsive…
If the roles were reversed we would have never got back together bacause we would have known then.  its a bit difficult to hide a pregnancy…that is unless of course you are the lying bitch that decided not to tell MY husband that you are pregnant. Then decide 15 years later that its time to.  You know, she told him to tell me that she was sorry and didnt want to disrupt my family in any way. HOW KIND OF HER.
If i had given up a child for adoption when i was 15 and they decided to find me and i had never told my husband i would expect him to react EXACTLY as i am. Betrayal…that may be the wrong word for it, i know (at least i think) that he didnt know about the child. I cannot, at this moment in time take anything in my stride. I am full of sadness.  Full to the brim.  And thank you for the advice on Brea, Vera, i know she doesnt need my burden and i will try my very best to leave her out of it. I know i cant change the situation, but i cant change how im feeling and that includes all the tears. I cant cry forever can i?
I dont know where to start in terms of counselling and legalities. I need to look into things.  My brain is fried.  My eyes do look like 2 spoons of jam (love that) I could pass for chinese at the moment. I got out of the gambling fog, maybe i need to get out of the ‘your husband has a child to someone else’ fog and see how i go 
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time