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Hi All,
Well another busy week at work, can you believe i have now been there for a month?  Amazing!!  Its a fun place to work and apart from one (isnt there always?) who tends to be a bit of a boss, its all smooth sailing.
I am all ready for the party tonight, i picked up our costumes yesterday…lol.  My Princess Leia wig is absolutely amazing, not to mention hysterical.  I tried the costume on at work yesterday and came walking out into the waiting room with it on…not one patient said a word, they were proboably in shock!!!
So i am spending today doing the housework and tomorrow i am working at the market.  Its raining today, so im expecting that it will also be wet tomorrow…yuk, i dont fancy standing in the rain, we dont have any cover so perhaps i could wear my wig!!! LOL.
On that note, have a great weekend, hope to see some of you on chat,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan