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Hi All,
I know i know, ive been very slack. Day 6 of 7 have now passed, one to go!!! Ive been so tired this week, not only 7 days straight, but ive had to start early 2 of those days so it knocked me for a six.
Today i told my boss about my addiction.  Because i am re-excluding next Tuesday i was a bit concerned that i may be late for work, and instead of making up a lie, i felt comfortable enough to just come out and say it.  She was wonderful, said she was proud of me, hugged me and wanted to know all about my exclusion, how it works, what happens if i gamble, she is a wonderful boss and im lucky to have her.
So i have 1 more day of work and then i will spend the weekend on here, Dames is going away for the weekend so i can sit and post to my hearts content…be warned!!! Im planning to do nothing all weekend, although i do have to go for a bit of a shop…its Breas birthday next week, 19…surely i am too young to have a 19 year old daughter, it just isnt right.  RG, Vera and Laura, thank you for your posts, as always you are all in my thoughts, as are so many here. 
Anyway, i hope you are all well and happy, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan