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Hi Kathryn,
Thanks so much for the post.  Sounds like work has had some drama, but, as you said, hormones and an all women office can do that.  Glad you let it all out and had company to boot.
So, with Brea moving out, you know I know what you are going through with all of that.  Spent all of the last three afternoons with my middle, Krissy, getting her appartment together for her about 45 minutes from here.  She  has lived out of the house most of the time she has been in college, but it is different being there every step of the way to set her up in this appartment.  She seems so "all growed up."  It is a real change when they leave and I still have more to go next weekend, but change is the only guarantee in life.  We all know it is what is best for them, but, they are sure nice to have around!  Glad you talked about wanting to gamble.  You have done so fantastic with it, but the urges are human.  All I can say is that change is definitely unnerving, so, enjoy the time that you have and just look forward to what I call after big changes which is the "new normal."  Things just rumble around and then settle back down to the new normal.  It is all good!
Hope to see you on chat this weekend!You can do anything if you put your mind to it! Have great day! – DD