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Hi All,
Dd, Velvet and P, thank you for your posts…now, be warned, im going to have a little rant……
I am sick, sick, sick and tired of working all day and coming home and working half the night.  I am totally over it today, dishes, washing, picking up everyones crap, while they all sit and watch me do it.  There, i have said it! Once upon a time, i would run to the casino and zone out, and boy has that thought crossed my mind the last couple of hours.  Run, run, run woman, run for your life….when i took my job the discussion was that everyone was going to pitch in, especially the big one (hubby) and hasnt that turned into one big fat joke (im not laughing), but im sure he is, gee, he gets everything done for him, of course he works full time..WHAT THE HELL DO I DO, SIT AND DRINK COFFEE AND WATCH TV ALL DAY???
Im totally annoyed right now, i feel like a slave.  Im not sure how long this is going to last.  I cant keep doing it, im exhausted, for what??? To come home and do it all again tomorrow.  Lord help me!!!
Ok, rant over, i apologise but i have no one to vent to.  Work has been good, no major dramas there, i am looking forward to my weekend, it has turned into quite a night, not only are we going for dinner, and going to the jail, but then the girls are going out.   Im staying at the bosses, so it should be fun and goodness knows i need a night out.  Im going to have a great time.
So thats me for now, i hope you are all well.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan