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Thank you all so much for your wonderful posts, they have bought me a lot of comfort.
I dont know much else, my sister and her husband used to own our local pub, which is the reason i came down here really, i used to work for them.  Today, as i drove down the street i saw the flag at half mast….the local football team also wore black arm bands today for Mark, a wonderful sign of respect.  Their oldest son lived with Dames and i for a few years and he has a lot of friends here, as the whole family did, they were well known in this town, and they are often spoken of.
Im all packed and ready to go, although it took me hours to get moving.  I have also arranged all Bailey’s camping gear, even though he is not leaving until Wednesday, i had to know that he had all his stuff packed and ready.  I would be panicking otherwise, which is ridiculous, between Dames and Brea i know that all will be ok.
So thats about all for now, im doing ok, although i cant get my mind off my sister, and i cant wait to see her tomorrow.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan