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Hi All,
Another week down, ive just fed the children (frozen pizza, and yes, i did cook it!!!) their favourite and im waiting for my dinner to heat up, perfect time to post…
I had a good week at work, as always there is one to upset the applecart, and i feel she is quite heartless, feels no sympathy or empathy for that matter and generally doesnt give two hoots, except for payday.  Im trying my hardest to be kind to her, and if she says anything to upset me i walk away.  Optimism is not a word in her vocabulary, and i feel grateful that im not like that.   I would not enjoy finding the bad in everything, its not in my make up to do that.  So, i try and keep happy, and when she is having a bad day, well, i go and do my own thing.
I have my nephews 18th birthday party tomorrow, which should be fun.  I can catch up with all Dames’ family, they are a great, fun bunch and im looking forward to seeing them.  We are in the finals in the football here at the moment and it looks pretty good that my team will end up in the Grand Final.  There is a buzz everywhere during this time in my town, its really exciting and i hope that this year will finally be ours.  I will bawl for a week!!!
So, life goes on, i sometimes stop for a minute and look around me, at the kids playing, at the pile of washing, and wonder how on earth i managed to fit in all my gambling.  Its mind boggling when i think of the time i spent there, (not to mention the money)
I am grateful for the little things, and when times get tough, i am proud that i no longer have to run to the venue to unwind.  Doesnt mean i dont think about it from time to time, but i know what i am, and that is no longer an option in my life. 
I hope you are all well and happy and hope to see many of you on the weekend.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan