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Grace, Vera and erin, thank you for your posts…and thank you erin for making me lol.  I truly did!!!!! So i did really well today until he rang to tell me he was coming home.You know, fear of the unknown…my head was doing 360’s. He came home and i was in bed (the only place i felt i could hide). He told me that they had the meeting at the house, surprise surprise, kick in the guts #1. He then told me he said all the things that we had discussed, the paternity test, the fact that i was devastated (fester started crying apparently….boo frickity hoo!!!) the time it will take to come to terms with this when the test comes back positive ( i just know it will).  He then spoke about our kids, kick #2, but told them that Brea didnt know.
He was there for about 2and a half hours.  Im not sure if the husband was there, hmmm must ask him bout that but i know her other children were.  The story goes that when she got pregnant, she told her family that the father was a low life drug addict in the hope that no one would ever look for him. WRONG!!!!!
She asked Dames if she could give him a letter to give to me.  He said no way, the right answer as far as im concerned.  So for now, the worst is over, we wait for the test, that will be a massive kick….not looking forward to that even if my heart is saying it will be his.  I think he did a pretty good job, IF what he is saying is the truth.  You know, yesterday i went through all his cupboards and drawers, looking for ??????? Stupid i know, i still dont know why i did it.
He is giving me some space….gone to a mates for a beer.  When hes here i dont want him and when hes not i do.  I truly am a lunatic.  Anyway, thanks all, Bye for now, Kathryn xx
 Fighting the good fight…One day at a time