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Hello Kathryn,
I wished you a happy bday in the chat room but didn’t make it by to post it on your thread.  So….
 Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! 
I had a bit of an accident yesterday but all is ok, the car, well, it can be replaced and I am fine I think.    Wow, Kathryn’s bright star!  How absolutely beautiful.  And you are a bright star, shining a light for those looking for their way through the darkness of gambling addiction.  The path you have made for your own recovery shows that it can be done.  And done with a sense of humour as well!  I must say I’m quite happy that my 18 y/o didn’t get a stripper for his birthday.  Honestly he still seems my little boy and I’d like to pretend that he wouldn’t know what to do with one.  I’m still living in the dream world of a gambler it seems lol.  Well K, I’m going to do a bit of reading.  It is 4:30 am and I find myself unable to sleep.  Maybe see you a little later.  Take care,