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Hey All,
2 things happened today…1, i became a great aunty for the..hmmmm, 21st time (happy 21st to me!!!)…a little girl, named Heidi.  Im planning on visiting on Friday for a cuddle!!
2nd thing…we had a huge and i mean huge storm tonight.  I got home from work and to my surprise Dames had taken the washing (there was a lot) off the line before the rain started.  No, that is not it, although it is a miracle in itself.  When i went out to my back room the washing basket was in there, full of clothes.  The rain was pouring down, havent seen rain like that for a really long time.  What happened was that the exact spot Dames had placed the washing basket, there was a little leak in the roof, and the whole basket of washing was drenched.  Now, if i was a betting woman, i would have bet that the chances would have been 1 in 1000. 
Lucky im not a betting woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day all,
Kathryn xxxxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan