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Hi All,
To answer your question Vera, Jode has gambled but doesnt enjoy it one little bit!
I had the day off today, we have a public holiday for a horserace…unbelieveable right???
I spent today cleaning the house, Harry went out but Bailey had to stay home…he is grounded at the moment.  He’s actually been really good about it, with what has happened, he is taking it really well.  He’s not usually so accepting.  I am waiting to hear from the school, about making an appointment for him to see a counsellor.  Im really concerned about him, and im eager to start this, im hoping it really helps him, and i might get some ideas to help him too.
Work…hmmm, we had an interesting day yesterday.  I swear, its better than Days of Our lives in there..drama, drama, drama.  There is always something going on but what happened yesterday, well, i still cant get my head around it.  Im not willing to say too much, just in case….still, it will be an interesting day tomorrow for sure.  Im just glad im not in the middle of it.
Thats about all from me now, thankfully i havent had any real urges, i hope you are all well and happy,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan