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Good to chat with you tonight Kathryn. Thanks for the encouragement! How good that is that you and your husband are connecting so well (in every way, thanks for that!) Sometimes we all need a shock to make us appreciate what we have, unfortunately.
I think I have done the same with really thinking about what my gambling has done, reading people’s stories about how they have lost the good parts of their lives and hoping that I have stopped in time before I risked affecting my relationship. How could we ever have thought feeding money into a machine was better than sharing a life with another person?
I know I feel ok with signing my posts with my own name, but then there aren’t many of us aussies so it does feel easier. I know that I am a bit nervous about starting counselling in a nearby suburb and wondering if the people will know me or about me. I teach high school so I know lots of people and even more know me by sight. Well too bad – I’m not doing anything wrong – for once! better than seeing me at the pokies!
Keep on with the walking – it gets easier really!