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Hi All,
Thank you all for your lovely posts….i have to say, ive been here reading like a mad woman, but unable to find the words to post lately…very strange for me, im usually not lost for words!!!
Ive been busy at work…today was a wierd one… a man came in, a man i recognised from my gambling days. He carries a statue, a rather large one that i remember seeing him with at a venue once.  He used the statue to press the buttons on the machines!  Yes, he is a bit odd but i really think he thinks it is going to bring him luck.
We put up our Christmas tree tonight.  It wasnt really the same without Brea there, bossing the boys about where to put the decorations so the tree looks even.  We did a good job, but im sure if she comes over she will find a spot without a decoration and gleefully point it out.  We have the most enormous roll of lights, and the tree is only 6 foot but it looks fantastic when they are on, and the hand made decorations bring a tear to my eye every single year!!!
I have a meeting with Baileys counsellor tomorrow morning.  Im interested in what he has to say and hopefully we can get some strategies to help him.  I am a tad nervous, fear of the unknown i suppose.
So thats about me for now, im trying very unsuccesfully to get organised for christmas, and although i still have 4 weeks, it may as well be 4 days!!!  A bit overwhelming, but i do this every year and manage to get organised, although the kids prezzies are a bit better than they used to be.
I hope you are all well and happy,
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan