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Dear Kathryn
I am smiling too. 
One year and a half – gone and not noticed.   I have a little sticker on my wall that says ‘Often the best way to win is to forget to keep the score’ and you are proving it.
I love Larry’s ode to a year – I trust he has done his calculations and I am sure they will be spot on. 
I measure my years in happiness and sadness. Being a Scot I am on the floor (or the table) at midnight on Hogmanay and the year’s events are sifted through the befuddled brain.  I often shed a tear for happiness as well as sadness and then on with the next year. 
I have been surprised since writing on this site that the tears of sadness are less. This site is like a beacon of hope and to anyone who seeks help in it there is the possibility of success and certainly the knowledge to find that success if it is wanted enough.  A reason for tears only of happiness and hope I think.
You are a shining example of what can be done as are many others. You bring light into the lives of F&F and fellow CGs who are at different stages of their struggle and I for one salute you and wish you a life-time of happiness – a life that ‘you’ and nobody and nothing else controls.
Thank you Kathryn for making hope a reality for so many.
Loads of love as Ever
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx