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Hi All,
I feel bad at the moment.  I had the busy day today, got a great tax return and took Brea to the dentist (she needs 8 fillings, well only 7 now!!!) Anyway, went to my friend Jodes who is moving into her brand new house, had a visit and told her to message me when she was going back down there after tea and i would come around and help.
So, it got to 10 past 8 and im thinking, she must have had trouble with her kids and is running late.  I rang her and she was already there and said there wasnt much to do as her aunt was there and had done most of it.  Turned out i had turned off the phone when we were at the dentist and hadnt turned it back on.  This woman has done soooo much for me, not just at the moment but for the last 20 years.  She is the best freind i have ever had and i feel i have let her down by not being there in HER time of need, be it unpacking or anything else for that matter.
My son has daycare tomorrow so im going to go over as soon as i drop him off and do as much as i can for her.  Im very annoyed at myself, but im also a bit annoyed at her as i really wanted to help her do this, its the least i can do for her after what she has done for me (you dont know the half of it).  I love her like my sister, im closer to her than my sisters and i hope, if she ever reads this that she knows that.  I just wanted to give something back to her, she has saved me many times, been my voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on (plenty of that lately) and a wonderful influence on my children.  My own personal angel, im a very lucky woman.  So, tomorrow, whether she likes it or not ill be there.
I didnt have an urge today, proboably the first day ever.
Wishing you a wonderful gamble free day, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time