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Firstly, i do not wish to offend any lovely men on this site….this is only MY experience…
Dont you love it when its all ok when you are useful, when you are doing something for them but when theres a better offer, when you’re not needed for anything in particular you are pushed aside like a piece of rubbish.
Dont you love it when they are having a lovely time and god forbid actually think that you might have one too….its a rarity in my world. All you are good for is bringing the chicken!!!
The men in my life treat me like dirt, and today, thats exactly how i feel.
I am extremely angry and upset tonight, and in truth, i have had a gutfull.
I know i will wake up tomorrow and remember the good stuff, as for tonight, forget it, i am livid.
Hope you are all well and happy,
Kathryn xxx
 To live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan