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Hi All,
What an interesting night i just had…we went to the golf club (aka my gambling haunt) tonight for my brother in laws bday.  Food was divine by the way…..
My MIL is back at our place and im not even going to go there, but…Damian went and played the machines after dinner.  I stayed in the restaurant with some of my sister in laws and the kids, which was fine and i had to make 2 trips to the bank for Dames.  After the 2nd trip i said that i was taking the kids home and to call me when him and MIL were ready to leave.  I got home with the kids and proceeded to tidy up, i took out the bins and i went through the bill box, there was stuff in there from 2009 and it needed a good clean out.
Dames called about 40 mins after i got home.  Now, i thought all was fine, i was FINE with it. We got home and i showed him what i had done, how we only had a couple of bills in there (yay) and the other jobs i had done.  He said, wow you have  been busy trying not to think about it.
I hadnt thought of it like that and i said that i was fine.  He came over to me and said "what i did to you was cruel, and i will never ever do it again".  I was shocked if im to be honest, i said "well, it is not your problem, it is mine."  To which he replied, "your problems are my problems and im so sorry for doing that to you".
WOW…… i truly didnt realise what an effect his gambling had on me, i was just thinking that i would do a couple of jobs when i came home but he was right…i was keeping busy, keeping that urge at arms length.  It was an eye opener for me and im so extremely grateful for Dames, becuase in truth, i think it was an eye opener for him.  For the record he didnt win a thing, just more ammo for me, proof that gambling never pays, and im a bit grateful for that too!!!!!
I cannot go into that gaming room, i will be removed, and i LOVE that feeling.  Its a safe feeling.  I feel pretty good right now, knowing that i am safe.
Hope you are all well and happy,
Kathryn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan