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Hi All,
This is the first chance ive had to post for 3 days!!! I know, not like me at all.
So Friday i spent the whole day, from 9 till 2.30 helping Jodie to unpack, then i was off to work at 4.30.  I finally feel better in myself knowing that i could help her.  Im going to be there tomorrow as well, Harry has kinder and i have all morning, we are going to do all those its and bits we leave till last.
I worked all weekend, i was exhaused yesterday and didnt even have the energy to open the laptop, we were really busy. Today was better, i was a lot less tired and we had an open day, which was interesting, we had a guy singing and he was terrible. It was hysterical cause all the old ladies loved him, he was singing to them and winking, a scream.
I have made a decision regarding the DNA test.  Dames and i are going to Sydney on the 31st July for the weekend, it was meant to be a little romantic getaway, plus we are going to the footy up there.  I have decided i dont want to know the results of the test until we get home.  It has taken so long (well, it feels that way) for me to come to terms with what may be, that if i know before we go then i will spend the whole weekend wondering what we are going to do next.  I just want to go and have fun and not have to think about the next step till we get back.  The test kit hasnt arrived yet, so on the Thursday before we go im going to send it off.  Then theres no way of finding out until at least 3 days after they recieve it.   That will be the week after the trip.  I cant see why another week will hurt, we didnt know for 15 years…..anyway any thoughts would be appreciated. 
I truly havent had time to even think of gambling this weekend, so my days are up to 37!!! woo hoo!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend, ill be doing a lot of reading tonight and i only work 2 shifts this week so plenty of group for me.  Cant wait.
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time