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Hey Kathryn,
Did I tell u my MIL story?
Once  upon a time, 1981 to be exact, I got married . Me and my ex didn’t have a pot to p in. My in laws moved far away, abandoning their home and offered it to us to stay in. Cool, we needed a place to go, having a new born baby and no money. Long story short, the mil left the utilities unpaid and we needed almost $1000 to pay HER heating bill from the prior winter. Being the wonderful MIL that she was she collect "wedding gifts" from my ex’s brother and sister, various family members and PAID HER BILL! My sister in law was upset that I didn’t send her mom a thank you note for the gift. I told her since the "gift" was given to my MIL maybe SHE should sent the note!
Well, we may have just used that gift money to turn on the gas but shouldn’t that have been OUR choice?
I guess i am an ingrate but I still remember that. Guess I will forgive her. 30 years is long enough to carry that grudge around. Funny part is it didn’t bother her a bit!
Gosh I should have been a cg much sooned than i was! LOL!