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Hi Kathryn
Im back at day one due to a stupid decison to buy a lotto ticket, the area is still grey with me on that one as i buy one twice a year every six months so dont feel too bad about it but ga definition is i am back to day one.. hope you are going well and hopefully will get to chat to you again on weekend chat..looks like a lot of the times have changed so will try to catch you then.. i hope things are well, hows the heat hey!!! the cyclone is coming to Queensland, apparently this will be the worst natural disaster in australia, just after the floods too, i am thankful i am not up the top end and sorry for those that are.. the worlds gone mad Kathryn.. glad our worlds are improving with not gambling.. well apart from the lotto ticket!!! but hey ive still got my clean days and i feel fine about it.. see you soon miss
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