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Hey Chook! Yeah I pondered alot after reading the book too. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the book was fab.I felt inspired and wanted to do something exciting and reckless!
I know exactly what you mean, but you need to go back a step… in your post you said "how do i start on the road to self discovery?"  Hellooooooo????? What the bleep do you think you’ve been doing these last couple of years babe?! LOL.
Youre well on that road already.
I do understand where youre coming from though because I have felt the same. I think the freedom of living WITHOUT the addiction, when it really sinks in, is like a high. Then you get used to the feeling and wonder whats next????! We come from opposite sides of the CG fence, but the feeling is the same i think. 
We need to remember our lives aren’t a hollywood movie. I bet though, if someone who’s far better with words than you or I, were to write YOUR STORY into a novel…it would make a very inspiring read.I also imagine it would be hilarious too! I’D buy it for sure! And then there’d be the movie….Now….who would we cast as Kathryn??? (angelina maybe????)
After saying all that though… if you plan on running away to find yourself in Italy… let me know! I’ll come too – I LOVE pasta. And wine! haha haha.
Much love and light and many hugs
Meg xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"We are each of us angels with only one wing…  we can only fly by embracing each other"