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Hiya K:  Just a quick post because I’m dead tired.  No, I am not the head honcho yet, in fact, not even close.  Unfortunately everything moves at glacial pace in government and while they are very impressed with me, they don’t seem to be moving fast enough to create somethiing permanent for me.  But … the grass isn’t growing under my feet.  I’ve sent out tons of resumes again, and I’m hoping that I will have something by the end of March when this contract ends.
Very busy day today.  Started putting the hardwood down in the living room and I can feel it in my back and bum tonight, let me tell you.  Nothing like swinging a rubber mallet and wielding a nail gun to get your frustrations out.  Very noisy job and much bend and bashing wood into place.  With luck, we will finish the lower level tomorrow.  The house is starting to look less and less like the dump we bought last June, but there is still much to be done.  I’m hoping to install new windows throughout and a new roof this summer.  The floors are looking gorgeous already … you’d be so impressed at how professional it looks.
Anyway, I’m just back from visiting with my darling Dad for several hours.  He lives with my older sister and her husband and another sister came by.  We spent the afternoon crooning all his and my Mom’s favorite war time tunes.  It was hilarious … and he loved every minute of it.
Now, back home and the boys and their Dad are watching a moving in the man cave and laughing their heads off.  I’m heading up to put on my "passion killer" flannels and curl up with my lovely new magazine.
Wish Dames a happy birthday, and please do treat the lovely man to a special dinner !!
Love, RG***I NEVER want to forget the clench of my stomach, the bile rising in my throat, the cold sweat, the tense, aching back and neck muscles, the desperate hollowness as I watch my last $20 disappearring … 9, 12, 15 quarters at a time.***