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Hi All,
So….they say life begins at 40.  Well, im not 40 till next year, i cant even think about that at the moment!!!! But today is my day 40 of not gambling.  40 days, looking back now they have gone pretty quick, not so at the time. Some of those days went forever.
My son woke up this morning and his eye was swollen completely shut.  I think he has been bitten by a mozzie or a flea.  He has bad reactions to bites so i have given him some antihistamines and its slowly starting to open up.  I must say though, it looks hilarious….i wish i could post the photo, i took one on my phone.  As ususl, he hasnt complained at all, he is a beautiful child, well not so much at the moment with the eye!!!!!
Anyway all, have a great gamble free day.  Im feeling very positive today, and i could almost say….happy?
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time