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Hi Kathryn sweetie,
took me longer to get back then planned.  Gosh what a rough day.  You are frightened and I totally understand. When it comes to our children, well, I’m sure we would take on the world for them.  And it is scary when we don’t know what to do that is right.  Like looking for a battle but not knowing who or what you r fighting.  Thank God for a good night’s sleep.  I’m hoping things will look a little better in the morning.  And as far as breaking down in front of the teacher, well, if he wasn’t taking things too serious before I bet you he got a bit of a wake up call!!!  So anything that helps your son, including a teacher that is paying atttention, is a good thing.  ((( Kathryn ))) I hope we are able to talk soon!  Glad you were able to get some of that out.  Better out than in as Vera would say. Chin up.  One day at a time. Bailey already has the best medicine in the world.  A mom who will do anything to help him. 
Now I’m off and running to work.  Pamper yourself a little tonight before bed if you can.
take care,