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the cowboy

Hey all,
Well done for 40 days Kathryn, I think you are a very good example of someone that gets bad news and deals with it in a positive and proactive way. To be fair, had the same thing happened me, I am not too sure if I would have coped as well so well done, it is refreshing to hear your continued pledge to stay gamble free. I am sure there will be many people out there who will come up against difficult situations, I just hope they all (including me) can show the same level of bravery as you!
I am starting to think about gambling again and in my head I am justifying reasons why a weeeeee gamble would be OK. Its like I am having this argument and sometimes I think I am ok and sometimes the beast inside of me strikes a cord the sounds plausible…. I will keep thinking positive and posting here but I am concerned as to why I am thinking like this… to be fair, reading this thread and many many others help me seeeeeeeee sense….
AlPlayers do not continuously lose… They continuously nearly win!!