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Hi All,
Im working this weekend, ive had today and yesterday off which was nice as i got a fair bit done at home.  I am going away Monday, will be back Friday.  Im really looking forward to that.  The kids broke up from school today for 2 weeks, luckily i only have 4 days that i need them looked after in that time. 
My sons medication is kicking in, although i do notice when it wears off in the afternoon, tonite he has been that moody, cranky and mean to his brother.  I know he cant help it, but his brother adores him and it makes me mad when he treats him like dirt.  We are just staying out of his way at the moment and i hope he can calm himself down.
Well im about to join the topic group, hope to see some of you on the weekend, it wont be until evening my time but ill do my very best!!!
Take care my lovely’s,
Kathryn xxxxxxxxxxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan