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Hi All,
Thanks Al for your post.  Im not sure that i am brave, but what i do know is i love my husband so much and dont want to lose my family because of this setback.  Fact is, no matter what the result i am going to have to make the best of it and work WITH my husband to make it work. 
As for my not gambling during the last few weeks, the fact that i self excluded was really the main reason i didnt go.  There were times i would have hopped a plane and gone to another state to gamble, but of course, i didnt want to go back to the sad, depressed lunatic i was.  So in that respect i am proud that i made it through.  Mind you, theres still a ways to go, but i think the worst is truly over.
Today i went shopping with my daughter.  I actually bought some things for me, and what was interesting was that i didnt look at the pricetag.  I bought some underwear and for the first time i just grabbed the pack and went and paid for them.  I didnt know how much they cost until i got to the register. I havent done that for years and years and boy did it feel good.  I spent $300 today, i also got some long winter boots, our football tickets for next weekend and a few things at the chemist.  When i was gambling, i spent that kind of money in an hour.  When i came home and added up what i spent i thought ‘oh my god, that was so much money’.  But in my gambling days that was a drop in the bucket.
It was nice to go out and spend my money on me!
Anyway, i hope you all had a happy gamble free day,
Bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time