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Well i had a good day today…I was home with my youngest (hes 5) and hes great company.   We went visiting my mum, did some housework, he loves to help and then i babysat my friends 2 foster children. They are 2 and 1 and can be quite a handfull.  They were so good, i sat out in my back room with them and they played and played. Then my daughter came home from school early and went and had her brows waxed for the big party on Sat. night.  Then i went to work….
It was pretty busy tonight, i work in aged care, dementia specific and my residents are gorgeous. They are so funny, they love to laugh and i love laughing with them.  Im always dancing and singing and they love it.  They clap and cheer and get up and dance with me.  Its a real joy some days.
Im still feeling very positive about my self exclusion….im a bit scared of whats going to happen when this feeling wears off… i know its day by day but i cant help but wonder whats going to happen when a massive urge comes over me.  Well, at least i know i cant go to a venue without getting the tap on the shoulder…
I want to give a special mention to ray…hes given me a great laugh today and i really needed it so thank you… im still laughing now.
Well i hope everyone is well and happy, I know i have been today.
 KathrynFighting the good fight…One day at a time